Feedback from our clients

Helvetia Translations
27 August 14
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HELVETIA translations enjoys an excellent reputation as a professional partner for linguistic services.

Find out below what our clients think of us!

(Client in Neuchâtel) Thank you very much for the panettone ― what a nice gesture! We love the South and all things Ticino. We appreciated your excellent service throughout the year and the quality of your translations: always very accurate and well-written. And also your flexibility in being able to deliver on short notice as needed.

(Communications agency in Geneva) Many thanks indeed for this excellent Christmas gift. Your collaboration, professionalism and customer service has been much appreciated all year round.

(Client in Olten) It was great working with you: we admire your (sometimes difficult) “balancing act”. Thanks to you we were able to meet our own obligations.

(Client in Olten) Thanks again for your prompt, efficient assistance.

I, too, I would personally like to thank you again for your great work. Your service is always courteous, professional and reliable. That deserves a big “Hats off!”

(Client in Neuchâtel) Thanks for the IVHSM translation. When I examined the text I found the topic to be very difficult and complex. The translation was done very meticulously and professionally. Reviewing the text was made easy. Again my apologies for needing this translation over the Christmas holidays.

(Publisher in Muttenz) Thank you, the quality of the translation seems to be excellent.

(Client in Bremblans) Wonderful … and a whole day earlier! Great as always. Thank you, Mr. Cavadini, for the excellent, prompt and reliable service you always provide. And please excuse me for “ambushing” you with rush orders from time to time. Unfortunately, we can’t always plan everything as we’d like.

(Foundation in Zug) Thank you very much for your professional support. Also thanks and a big compliment to the translator. And MERCI for the excellent collaboration with my colleagues during my absence. I hope to have the pleasure myself next year.

(Client in Olten) Thank you for your work: as always it was prompt, done accurately and professionally. Your passion and commitment are perceptible to me, the customer, and are very valuable traits.

Also thank you for your attentiveness. Currently we are under a lot of pressure due to unforeseen work and it’s not easy – or possible – to notice everything. It is all the more delightful to have a partner who assists us, rolls up their sleeves and pitches in as needed, a partner who is also scrupulous and thoughtful.

(Holding company in Zurich) Thank you for the quick delivery of the translation and for the discount. As always, it is perfect, thanks again.

We’d be pleased to contact you again if we need any more translation work in the future. For now, I’d like to wish you a lots fun and satisfaction in your work.